About Us

Renee Haas, The Stitch Alliance

Hi there! I'm Renee, owner, and designer of The Stitch Alliance. I'm a serial maker, digital marketer, and explorer trying to make my way in the world. 

As a kid, I was known to cut up my mom's tablecloths to make new things (sorry mom!). I was also in love with horses and was lucky enough to grow up on a horse farm in Ohio. I showed Quarter Horses competitively until my early twenties and also made many of my show clothes.

In 1990, I got the itch to live a city life and I moved to Chicago. After working as a design assistant for a few years, I started my line of one-of-a-kind accessories and sweaters that were made from recycled cashmere and lambswool sweaters. The line, Trixie & Tasha (named after my two cats) went on to be sold at boutiques nationwide and was carried at Nordstrom as well. In 2000, I was awarded the Style Maker & Rule Breaker award by the Chicago Fashion Guild Institute.  

As the digital age became of age, I found myself enjoying the digital side of the business more and more. In 2001, I decided to focus on digital design and marketing exclusively and moved to Laguna Beach, California with my partner and now-husband, Steve. We moved to our current home in Oceanside, CA in 2009 and have been happy ever since. 

Until COVID. Like many others, I found myself yearning for more. More connection and more creativity in my life. And so the seeds of The Stitch Alliance were planted. Although the project is just me for the time being, I have dreams of creating a community of women who support each other through traditional crafts with a modern vision. All of our items will always be hand-made and our makers will always be paid a fair, living wage. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Here's a picture of me at Mono Lake near Mammoth, CA 

Renee Haas, The Stitch Alliance