Hearts & Hands UCSD Volunteer Doula Program


Hearts & Hands Volunteer Doula Program


This year, we're excited to partner with the Hearts & Hands UCSD Volunteer Doula program as our featured non-profit that supports women in the San Diego area. 10% of all online sales between November 28th and December 4th will be donated directly to the organization. 

UCSD Hearts & Hands Volunteer Doulas are childbirth assistants committed to enhancing the birth experience of San Diego families by offering free doula services to anyone giving birth at UCSD. Doulas are trained to provide a laboring person with continuous, one-on-one physical, emotional, and informational support. The volunteer doulas do not work on a shift basis, their work is continuous hands-on care, not leaving the birthing person's side until the baby is born, whether it’s a few hours later or more than 24 hours. The results are healthier and happier experiences for the birthing person, their newborn, and their families.

If you want to learn more about the Hearts & Hands program or donate directly, please visit their website and follow them on Instagram or Facebook.